Reportizer Viewer Documentation


Reportizer Viewer is a tool for previewing, printing or exporting database reports, created in Database Tour Pro or Reportizer. It cannot be used for creating or modifying the reports.

Reportizer Viewer About section contains information about report engine version, supported by the application. For example, if it is, this means that Reportizer Viewer supports (i.e. can open correctly) all reports, created using report engine of version up to and including

The main window of Reportizer Viewer consists of a tool bar (in the top), a preview area, and a status bar.

The tool bar consist of a set of commands:

Navigate between report pages.
Open report. The drop-down list to the right lets you quickly open previously opened report.
Close current report.
Export report to file.
Copy current page as bitmap to clipboard.
Print report.
ZoomSelect preview zoom value.
Show / hide non-printable area.
Show information about current report.
Find text.
Show help and About section.