Sort Order

Applies to

Data Source

Sort order for report data. This is a list of data source's fields, separated by semicolons (;). It is applied to report data source just before previewing the report to sort the report data by the fields. For some data sources, ASC/DESC modifiers are allowed to specify ascending or descending order respectively. When report data source is a relational database, the sorting is performed by corresponding database engine; for other data source types, the sorting is performed by Reportizer report engine.


1. Applying the sort order can cause the report data source to be reopened, so it is not recommended to use the Sort Order property for very large datasets.

2. When report report data source is a relational database, there is an alternative (and more efficient) way to specify a filter condition by using ORDER BY clause of data source's SQL statement. This alternative way can be used only if your data source is an SQL text (SQL query), not a table name.

3. When report data source is a relational database, and if your report's data source is a table (not SQL query), using Sort Order property can cause errors in some cases (for example, when no index for the fields (BDE tables), or when using ASC/DESC modifiers for BDE tables).



PaymentDate; PaymentAmount DESC

Field1 ASC;Field2;Field5 DESC;Field7